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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli entrepreneur calls Amazon’s recruitment tactics in the country “terrible.” Gal Gadot is Huawei’s new CEO—Chief Experience Officer

CTech | 17:25  11.01.2018

Israeli entrepreneur calls Amazon’s recruitment tactics in the country “terrible.” On Tuesday, Shai Wininger, president of Lemonade Inc. published a Facebook post saying Amazon is “actively trying to poach Lemonade employees.” Many Israeli entrepreneurs jumped in, some saying Amazon targets all their employees. Commenting on the debate Spot.IM co-founder and chief technology officer Ishay Green said Amazon must have realized it is cheaper to poach entire teams than acquire startups. Read more

Gal Gadot is Huawei’s new CEO—Chief Experience Officer. The “Wonder Woman” actress will help the Chinese telecommunications company push its Mate10 Pro mobile phone to U.S. market. Huawei is having a hard time entering the U.S. due to suspicions that it plays a part in Chinese espionage efforts. Read more

Jerusalem-headquartered equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd aims to raise a new $100 million venture fund. The new fund will focus on early-stage startups in the domains of AI, deep-learning, IoT, robotics and digital manufacturing. Read more

After announcing restructuring plan, Teva's board of directors takes a pay cut. The drugmaker’s directors decided to cut their cash compensation in half before Teva announced its extensive layoffs plan in December. The company awards its directors an annual cash payment of $160,000 as board membership fees. Read more

Accusations of violence at the ECI picket line. The ongoing showdown between ECI Telecom and its employees, who are on strike, escalated on Thursday when tear gas was released at the picket line outside the company’s headquarters in Israel. Each side is accusing the other of instigating violence and spraying the gas. Read more

DuPont-Pioneer, Evogene announce up to 20% increased corn yield in trials. Evogene uses computational predictive biology to develop novel crop strains and pesticides. Read more

Innoviz launches a low-cost LiDAR at CES. The Israeli LiDAR startup launched InnovizPro, a 3D-surveying system for self-driving vehicles. Read more

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