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Video Monetization Company Anyclip Launches AI-Driven Content Platform

Video Monetization Company Anyclip Launches AI-Driven Content Platform

The new platform will enable advertisers to customize content and target users according to brands, topics of interest, even emotions

Lilach Baumer | 16:46, 13.03.18
Video monetization company Anyclip Ltd. is launching a new, artificial intelligence-based content platform, the company announced Tuesday. The new offering builds on the company's existing video marketing services to give publishers and advertisers the ability to customize and target content according to brands, topics of interest, even emotions.

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Established in 2008 and headquartered in Tel Aviv with additional offices in New York, Anyclip partners with sports, news, and entertainment content owners such as Universal and Reuters to create a library of video clips. The company's video inventory currently offers around 600,000 clips, with hundreds more added daily.

Anyclip Anyclip's AI platform. Photo: Anyclip Ltd. Anyclip

The new platform uses a real-time content analysis engine called Luminous, which has been under development for the past two and a half years. According to Anyclip, it automatically cuts incoming content to clips, filtering out irrelevant content and categorizing each segment into categories such sentiments, celebrities, and brands. Using image recognition, deep learning, and speech-to-text technology, the engine identifies and tags every aspect of the video, be it location, the gender and age of the people involved, or the still objects featured.

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Anyclip states that the analysis engine is able to detect problematic or explicit content, sort clips by advertising categories such as travel or vehicles, and detect a range of emotions such as joy, fear, and surprise.

Publishers gain access to the content by embedding Anyclip's video player on their site, and the platform's AI directs content that is relevant to the page's subject matter and target audience. These video clips are then matched with similar advertiser content to increase user engagement.
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