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Eko Wants to Take Video to the Next, Interactive Level, Says Co-Founder

Tal Zubalsky, Eko's co-founder and chief product officer, spoke at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in New York Thursday

Adi Barak | 15:40  16.04.2019
Video has remained almost unchanged over the past few decades, in the sense that every person watching receives the same story, and that's what Eko wants to change, said Thursday Eko co-founder and chief product officer Tal Zubalsky. The company wants to enable people to change the story in real-time, according to their own individual experience and reactions, Zubalsky said, speaking at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in New York.

Eko has partnered with various parties, the largest being Walmart, to realize this vision and create a library of interactive content, such as open-ended commercials, Zubalsky said.

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