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CTech's Monday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

CTech's Monday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Israel's confirmed corona cases reach 250; Over a third of Israeli tech companies consider layoffs due to coronavirus

CTech | 14:18  16.03.2020
Israel's confirmed corona cases reach 250. As infection and mortality rates rise around the world, Israel sees increased infection among its medical staff. Read more


Over a third of Israeli tech companies consider layoffs due to coronavirus. A fifth of Israeli tech companies expect to miss their annual budget targets for 2020 due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, according to new data by Israel’s Viola Group. Read more

Coronavirus. Photo: Shaul Golan Coronavirus. Photo: Shaul Golan Coronavirus. Photo: Shaul Golan

Interview | At OurCrowd we will keep business as usual as long as we are allowed, says CEO. Serial entrepreneur Jon Medved spoke to CTech about investing at a time of economic crisis. Read more

The double threat of Passover and Covid-19 leads to a shortage of cleaning products in Israel. As the country’s supply of hand sanitizers dwindles, leading consumers to complain of rising prices, Israel’s Ministry of Economy stepped in, asking retailers to cap prices. Read more

Analysis | From feast to famine: a glimmer of hope on the way to the bottom. Covid-19 has yet to complete its assault on the world’s stock exchanges, but Asia has already proven the virus can be overcome, and even U.S. President Donald Trump has woken up to the threat. And investors? Now is the time to identify the stocks that received only a temporary hit. Read more

Opinion | Israeli tech is uniquely positioned to survive the Covid-19 crisis. The fact that most of its products are virtual could help the Israeli tech industry get back on its feet more quickly following the global pandemic. Read more

Israel sets up three group recuperation facilities for corona patients. Israel’s Minister of Defense Naftali Bennett ordered the establishment of three facilities in Israel’s north, center, and south, with the intention to remove non-severe infection cases from home-quarantine and lessen the risk to families. Read more

Harvard to use Tel Aviv-based transcription startup Verbit for distant learning. Harvard University will use technology developed by Verbit Sto transcribe classes for students that cannot attend due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

European Union publishes open call for coronavirus-related startups. The EU announced earlier this month that it will commit up to 45 million euros for the initiative. Read more

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