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CTech's Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

CTech's Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Back to normal: tech first, culture last; Israel expects full return to work in most industries by May 30.

CTech | 13:54  12.04.2020

Back to normal: tech first, culture last. Sectors with high productivity and employment, such as tech, commerce, and industry, will be the first to resume work, according to a new government report on Israel's Covid-19 exit strategy. Read more

Israel expects full return to work in most industries by May 30. The plan to jumpstart the economy was drafted by Israel’s Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, and Bank of Israel governor Amir Yaron, but still needs to gain approval by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in order to become official. Read more

Coronavirus (illustration). Photo: Pixabay Coronavirus (illustration). Photo: Pixabay Coronavirus (illustration). Photo: Pixabay
Fastest Recovery in History? Or Classic Bear trap? Optimists believe the peak of the Covid-19 crisis is behind us and the market rises are on the way. Pessimists think we are heading for a bear market that will last for years. The start of financial reports season and the forecasts that accompany them may bring the markets crashing back down. Read more

Interview | Genetics expert says Covid-19 may affect human evolution. Medical physician, researcher, and bestselling author Sharon Moalem talks about why women are more resilient to the virus than men, why kids make the best virus propagators and why urbanization puts everyone at risk of infection. Read more

Interview | Pandemics make the most of the opportunities societies create, says expert. From his Rome quarantine, Frank M. Snowden, pandemics expert and history of medicine professor emeritus at Yale University, spoke to Calcalist on the lessons that coronavirus could teach us. Read more

On Target | Coronavirus shines a spotlight on Telemedicine. Digital medicine is making strides towards the mainstream as people seek remote healthcare in an effort to avoid hospitals and clinics. Read more

Israel awards NIS 22 million in grants to corona-fighting startups. The grant, spearheaded by government investment arm the Israel Innovation Authority, was handed to companies that address the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more

Cybersecurity company Cyberbit to provide remote cyber training. Cyberbit develops and markets a cyber training and simulation platform as well as a detection and response platform for cyber threats. Read more
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