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Israel-based ControlUp helps employees bring their office computers home

Israel-based ControlUp helps employees bring their office computers home

As the world becomes more accustomed to working from home, millions of people are adopting virtual desktop technology

James Spiro | 15:08, 23.07.20

The world is becoming more accustomed to working remotely, and as people around the world settle into their home offices, the use of Virtual Desktop Solutions is on the rise. ControlUp is an Israel-based company that helps enterprises monitor, remediate, and analyze their solutions.

Virtual desktops are a process whereby consumers can log into their office computer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As more people work from home in the Covid-19 era, it is becoming common practice for enterprises to utilize this type of network. According to Yoni Avital, Co-founder and COO of ControlUp, up to 200 million people log onto a virtual desktop everyday.

ControlUp Co-Founder and COO Yoni Avital ControlUp Co-Founder and COO Yoni Avital ControlUp Co-Founder and COO Yoni Avital

“Instead of running a business application on a physical area - whether it’s a laptop, or a PC - everything is running on a virtual desktop running on a base centre in the cloud,” explained Avital when speaking to CTech. “It’s faster, it’s more secure, and probably the biggest advantage is the fact that you can run your businesses anywhere.”

While several sectors can benefit from such a technology, ControlUp has seen an uptick in demand from healthcare providers and hospitals. With supply trying to keep up with the demand in recent months, hospitals have been reinventing their digital infrastructure.

“Hospitals are highly digitized... the main app being used in hospitals is EMR - Electronic Medical Record. It’s a very basic app for anyone working with doctors or nurses,” Avital tells CTech. “without that things can get bad real fast. We enable our customers to get all kinds of visibility into the application performance, the availability, they can see if something is overloaded.”

ControlUp can monitor the performance of each employee who uses the network and quickly address any problems that might arise. Since more people are using virtual desktops and more organizations are going remote for longer, the need for maintenance is becoming more important.

The software is currently deployed in Sheba Medical Center in Israel, where it is seeing an increase as more people turn to telemedicine and work from home. “It’s usually 1000 employees at Sheba. During the crisis, what we’re experiencing today, it can go all the way to 2000 employees. We see even a 100% increase in usership and working on the same virtual desktop systems.”

Does this mean that work from home is here to stay? According to Avital, Healthcare isn’t the only sector benefiting from virtual desktops.

“What we’re seeing is a similar trend in many sectors: banking, government, many of these facilities are moving to a hybrid of work from home scenarios… There will be a dramatic shift in the thinking of many companies,” predicts Avital.

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