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UAE looking forward to buying Israeli oil in new trade deals

Talking to Calcalist’s Tamar Tunik, ATS’ Managing Director Avinash Gandhi discusses how the normalization between Israel and the UAE will help trade deals

James Spiro | 16:29  02.11.2020

The United Arab Emirates, which imports approximately 90% of its food from neighboring regions, will soon be turning to Israel for what it has called “the world’s best” olive oil. Speaking with Tamar Tunik as part of Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s "Economic Opportunities in the UAE" online conference, the managing director of ATS Logistics Avinash Gandhi talked about some of the efforts the Emirati people will make to get their hands on Israeli oil.

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“Israel’s olive oil is known to be the world’s best so we will see Israeli olive oil on UAE tables soon,” said Gandhi. He also revealed that while technically the UAE has been receiving Israeli products via Jordan, the new trading possibilities will allow the intermediates to be filtered out and see more direct lanes established between the regions, ultimately lowering costs for the Israeli consumer market.

“The buy is big and everyone has a wallet,” he added.

Watch the entire interview about the trade possibilities above.

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