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Mind The Tech TLV

Transmit Security executives discuss the impact of Covid-19 on the cyber industry

Joining Calcalist and CTech’s Meir Orbach at Mind The Tech NY 2020, Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar talk about how lockdowns effected the ecosystem

James Spiro | 17:00  17.11.2020

Transmit Security’s Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar described Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns around the world as helping the digital world become ‘very big’, particularly for the cybersecurity sector. Speaking with Meir Orbach, the co-founders discussed the newly announced Covid-19 vaccinations and what it might do for business.

“Certainly Covid was a bad thing for anyone who became sick,” says Loonkar, who also serves as the company’s President. “But anything that is digital became very big and certainly for cyber it helped accelerate the business. So we’re of course happy about that.”

Loonkar highlights that effective vaccines are still years away, and there’s no sign it will help every person, so ‘the new normal’ of work is here to stay a while longer.

As Covid-19 sent employees working from home, added measures need to be taken to protect information and communication owned by enterprises. Boodaei highlighted three specific areas where they can help customers while they work: identity portability, infrequent users who struggle to log in to their accounts, and what they call ‘useable security’.

“How do you leverage the new standards and technologies for biometrics in the right way that you build both security and you make it convenient for customers to authenticate?”

Transmit Security is a low code passwordless identify platform which was founded in 2014. It helps users authenticate their identities in the same way across a myriad of channels, applications, and devices while keeping accounts safe from cyber threats.

You can watch their entire exchange from Mind The Tech in the video above.

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