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Handling ever-growing amounts of data is the key to digital transformation, says Azure data chief

Microsoft Azure’s Rohan Kumar speaks with CTech’s Ron Friedman about his 22 years at the company - and how no one could prepare for Covid-19

James Spiro | 15:00  07.12.2020

“The transition to cloud computing has been a foundational transition for a lot of the IT aspects of the company,” confirms Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, Rohan Kumar when speaking at Mind The Tech. “Data has become such a strategic aspect for decision making when you speak to customers across industries. One of the questions they ask is ‘how do we transform ourselves or empower employees to make decisions based on the data they have collected?’”

Kumar has been at Microsft for 22 years - making him one of the most knowledgeable people on the changes that have faced technology in the past two decades. Regardless, nothing could prepare him - or any company - for the impact of Covid-19. “The most important thing that companies need to deal with is where to invest or how to navigate the next few quarters.”

You can watch his entire interview from Mind The Tech above.
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