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Which company is targeting a $3-4 billion SPAC and what do Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Teva all have in common?

Which company is targeting a $3-4 billion SPAC and what do Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Teva all have in common?

CTech Daily Roundup: Despite Covid-19, 40% of tech companies will be handing out 2020 bonuses

CTech | 21:49  27.12.2020
Despite Covid-19, 40% of tech companies will be handing out 2020 bonuses. The company’s funding stage and the employees’ performance are what determines the size of the prize. Read more

REE Automotive in negotiations for a $3-4 billion Nasdaq SPAC merger. The Israeli developer of modular platforms for electric vehicles has been negotiating the move for more than three months and the deal could be completed in January. Read more

Rafael and Anyvision Rafael and Anyvision's new drone. Photo: Rafael Rafael and Anyvision

Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Merck, and Teva win tender for new Israeli Innovation Lab. The lab, which is set to research digital health and computational biology, has a government budget of $9.9 million. Read more

HR Post Covid | Compassion is “more important than ever” during Covid-19, says Pecan HR head. Understanding what your employees need as they work from home can save your company culture, not hinder it, says Pecan’s HR and Operations Manager. Read more

Opinion | U.S. investors doubled down on Israeli tech in 2020. American buyers made up 63% of M&As of Israeli tech companies as Asian and European deals falter due to Covid-19. Read more

Rafael and Anyvision showcase drones with AI-driven computer vision to aid urban warfare. The drones and robots will be able to scan and map buildings and mark people in the premises, identifying whether they are armed and help differentiate between innocent civilians and militants. Read more

Israeli satellite strays from path to prevent collision with NASA’s Terra. In space’s worst nightmare, IAI received a warning from the ESA that Israel's Venus satellite was about to collide with NASA’s veteran environmental research satellite, averting disaster. Read more

Checkout by selfie: The startup aiming to take customized shopping to the next level with facial recognition. Israeli company Preciate, founded by former Amdocs CEO Avi Naor and the former head of the cyber division at Unit 8200 Eyal Fisher, was forced to pivot due to Covid-19, but is getting back on track with its Pay by Face service. Read more


HR Post Covid | Relating to new recruits is a real challenge in the Covid-19 era, says Pango HRBR. When new employees join a company, they usually have the chance to bond with their teammates - not in 2020! Read more

Opinion | Too much of a good thing? The rising shekel puts Israeli tech companies at risk. The strengthening of the shekel exchange rate against the dollar is a real problem that if left unresolved will hurt all of us Israelis. Read more

Robotics startup brings Israeli twist to agricultural drones. Blue White Robotics completed its first pollination of dates using drones and is bringing Israel’s military specialty in UAVs to the agricultural sector. Read more

Unicorn School Lessons 7 and 8: Equity trumps salaries and the path to $100 billion companies. The founders of Tipalti, Gong, and Next Insurance, whose companies’ valuations have leaped beyond $2 billion offer insights and tips for building unicorns. Read more  

Opinion | A hidden bill may strike a blow to our favorite Covid-19 pastime — online sharing. This role of private parties in enforcing copyrights and limiting speech through technical mechanisms is a center point of the new draft copyright proposal, reflecting the aforementioned copyright report and hearings, from earlier this week. Read more

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