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Growth Modeling 101: Scaling SaaS Businesses

Jay Po, Managing Partner & Co-founder at Stage 2 Capital, discusses different sales models and how to create a "speedometer" for scaling your sales team

In collaboration with LeumiTech USA | 15:37  31.05.2021

Speaking at Expanding your Startup to the U.S. series being organized by Calcalist and LeumiTech USA, Jay Po, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Stage 2 Capital, the first and only VC firm backed by over 200 Go-To-Market executives from unicorns and the Fortune 500, discussed different sales models, how to create a "speedometer" for scaling your sales team, and mapping demand gen with sales capacity.

"Sometimes companies raise capital and think about accelerating their growth prospects. There is a lot of capital out there. Companies might raise $20-30 million dollars and they need to scale and hit their big growth numbers so they tend to hire rapidly," explained Po. "This can often create issues because it creates problems around how do you find the talent? How do you make sure you are recruiting and onboarding the talent so that they can ramp quickly? How do you make sure you have enough managers to support your reps?"

You can watch Po's full presentation in the video above.
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