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FinTech 2021

"What attracts investors most is the opportunity to build multi-billion companies"

Speaking at FinTech2021, Adam Fisher, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, spoke of the allure of Fintech's unchartered territory

CTech | 11:13  12.07.2021

"When we say Fintech, that includes Insurtech, payments, perhaps also investments and lending, it is very broad. It also involves both businesses and consumers and it is massive. I think that is what attracts investors most, the opportunity to build multi-billion companies," said Adam Fisher, Partner at VC Bessemer Venture Partners when speaking to CTech at FinTech2021.

"The other aspect is that it is very similar to a royalty kind of business where once a customer uses a payment option or buys insurance, it is almost like a recurring fee so businesses can be built very rapidly," explained Fisher. "The last thing is that it is uncharted territory. you are competing with really antiquated systems and old stodgy banks who are heavily regulated so it is kind of the best of all worlds."

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.
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