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Google Israel identifies 4 trends in gaming on YouTube

It was a year like no other, and Google’s Head of Data and Measurement Solutions joined CTech to share how the pandemic changed gaming on the video platform

James Spiro | 09:16  03.08.2021

“Over the last year, especially in 2020, we've identified four major trends for gaming in YouTube,” explained Amit Niv, Head of Data and Measurement Solutions at Google speaking at Gaming2021. “The first one is related mostly to tentpole moments. It’s all of those moments when a brilliant thing happens and everyone unites around it… We've seen an increase in live events, I guess Covid-19 did its thing and more people are trying to find ways to connect.”

According to Niv, live events on YouTube would attract more than 160 million viewers interested in watching gamers play games online. In the year of the pandemic, it was an opportunity for brands to tap into a growing market and benefit from everyone staying at home.

“Another thing we’ve identified is a rise in mobile gaming content on YouTube,” he continued. “More people are playing on mobile games and looking for content for gamers playing mobile games… The last one is an increase in collaborations between YouTubers that are gamers and the brands, the actual games. More YouTubers are actually going into the games, those gamers are becoming figures in those games and you can play with them, which is really cool.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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