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Israeli SMBs flocked to eBay during Covid lockdowns

Speaking during a basketball game between tech companies, eBay’s Miki Sokolovsky shares some eCommerce insights from the last year

James Spiro | 08:48  23.08.2021

“It was a very difficult year for many SMBs, who suffered all around the world from Covid restrictions - and being in Israel was no different,” explained eBay Israel’s Communications Manager, Miki Sokolovsky. “We brought on a lot of SMBs to our platform and we enabled them to start cross-border trading, selling all over the world just from their houses and laptops. And we're seeing only in Israel 16,000 new sellers who joined eBay in the last year starting to sell online.”

eBay Israel joined other tech companies like Hibob, HoneyBook, and JoyTunes for a friendly basketball tournament. As restrictions started easing, Sokolovsky shared his appreciation to get active with colleagues again.

“After such a long year of staying at home, it’s a great opportunity to see coworkers, to see friends, and to have a friendly sports event and competition,” he concluded. “Especially after watching the Olympic games from home, which gave them the motivation to come out.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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