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How does HoneyBook tackle its employee wellbeing?

HoneyBook’s Dror Shimoni discusses how the company helps employees remain social and healthy in the Covid era

James Spiro | 10:05  23.08.2021

“We love sports, it sounded great to play and we decided to give the people and employees some time to have some fun,” explained HoneyBook’s Co-founder and CTO, Dror Shimoni. Shimoni took some time ahead of his team’s friendly basketball game to speak to CTech about the importance of team sports.

“During Corona, we decided to give everybody and every employee in HoneyBook a wellbeing allowance,” he continued. Founded in 2013, the business management software company now has 120 employees - 60 in Israel and 60 in San Francisco - and it always makes sure to keep teams bonded outside the office - in this case, on the court.

“The minute there was an option to do other stuff, we decided to go and play volleyball, and we do yoga and some stuff for everybody just to get out. It’s very important, and in the Corona time, we had little time to be together and those kinds of things actually help us to bond again.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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