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IAI: “We do real stuff which keeps Israel and the world safer”

On the brink of beating eBay at a game of basketball, IAI spoke to CTech about its place in the world

James Spiro | 09:41, 24.08.21

Speaking in the final few moments of a victorious basketball game against eBay, Gili May, Chief Relationship Officer at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), discussed how the company helps Israel and the world by providing its military equipment.

“Our biggest advantage over other high-tech companies is that we're doing real stuff - not only features or apps,” said May as the clock was ticking down. “Which is good, I’m not offending them, but we do real stuff which keeps Israel and the world safer.”

IAI was established in 1953 and is Israel’s biggest employer. According to May, it has 15,000 employees and among them, 6,000 are engineers and 4,000 are practical engineers.

“Since Israel established IAI back in 1953, it has grown and we did some cool stuff for the world, for Israel, and we're really proud of it,” May concluded. “Before the game, I told the team there is only one thing today - we have to go to the final and win it and have the gold medal, it’s what we do.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above

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