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How does Namogoo prevent customer ‘hijacking’?

Speaking at Tech TLV, Ohad Greenshpan from Namogoo explains how the company keeps customers on their online journey for retailers

James Spiro | 10:24, 11.11.21

“Kidnapping, or hijacking as we call it, is a very negative word but we use it on purpose,” explained Ohad Greenshpan, co-founder and CTO of Namogoo. “This area is very grey. In other words, you download things and you go to a coffee shop and suddenly you see things or experience things on the journey that have not originally come from the website itself because it comes from your browser, or from your computer, or from your network.”

Namogoo helps websites prevent their potential paying customers from getting distracted by third-party offers, coupons, or discounts that might tempt them into leaving the current website and migrating somewhere else. According to Greenshpan, up to 20% of customers have something running on their device that did not originally come from the website.

“It has an impact on performance, on speed, on focus, on content you’re not supposed to see, you come and see coupons and cashback, and things that maybe the website does not want you to see.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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