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Mind the Tech NY2021

“If the high tech industry won’t be gracious in victory,” it can lose what it gained

That is according to Dina Pasca-Raz, Partner and Head of Technology at KPMG Israel, who spoke at Mind the Tech NY 2021 and called on the industry to do more to counter global challenges

CTech | 11:27, 17.11.21
Speaking on stage at Calcalist and Bank Leumi’s Mind the Tech NY 2021 conference Tuesday, Dina Pasca-Raz, Partner and Head of Technology at KPMG Israel, shared from her recent experiences to call on tech companies to do more.

“Recently, after many months of intense work on IPOs and SPAC deals, and M&As and fundraising rounds, I took some time off and flew to Italy with my 15-year-old daughter Eden,” Pasca-Raz said.

During the trip she explained she learned from her daughter that beef trade pollutes, NFTs are more relevant than classical art, not to shop fast-fashion brands because they exploit, and a high-end one was ruled out because it did not promote a positive body image. “I found myself wandering in vintage shops, going back to my late teens only to discover that the only way to shop today is actually to globally trade items through mobile apps like Depop,” she said.

This “made me reflect on the sub-terrain current and the tectonic plates that affect us all, and especially the high-tech industry,” which, according to Pasca-Raz, is booming but is also being scrutinized more than ever. She spoke on the effects of the global Covid pandemic, of which many in the high-tech industry came out on top despite the global challenges, saying “if the high tech industry won’t be gracious in victory, towards those left behind,” the current tech prosperity could be at risk.

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