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Mind the Tech NY

What makes Israeli companies so attractive to American investors?

Speaking at Calcalist’s Mind The Tech conference, Guy Franklin shares how his platform connects Israeli companies to investors in New York

James Spiro | 21:48, 17.11.21

“There are a lot of American investors who are based in New York that are looking to invest only in Israeli startups,” explained Guy Franklin, founder of Israeli Mapped in NY. The platform helps identify startups in New York that are founded by Israelis. “It’s interesting to see American investors who can invest in any company in the world, but they are looking to invest in Israeli companies because the Israeli innovation is unique and we see great technologies coming out of Israel.”

According to Franklin, Israeli Mapped in NY has started a new venture arm to get in on some of the investment game that is catching the tech world by storm. “Of course I believe in the companies we invested in, the ones I mentioned and some others, but there are some companies that I know from day one when they just moved to New York and now they are unicorns. I saw the path that they did,” he added.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above

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