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“Hardware is becoming obsolete, and we’re seeing far more optimization”

Said Asaf Ezra, co-founder and CEO of Granulate during Calcalist's Mind the Tech 2021 conference

CTech | 15:02, 22.11.21

“I think we’ll start seeing processors become smaller and smaller. Hardware is becoming obsolete, and we’re seeing far more optimization in terms of software,” Asaf Ezra, co-founder and CEO of Granulate, told CTech in an interview during the Calcalist and LeumiTech Mind the Tech 2021 conference in Manhattan on Tuesday. Granulate works to slash infrastructure costs and improve application performance with real-time continuous optimization. “We’re also seeing the huge shortage in manpower in the high tech workforce, and companies are increasingly looking to optimize processes.”

Granulate has been selected as one of the most promising Israeli companies according to Qumra Capital. This year, for the third year in a row, Qumra published its list of the most promising growth companies in Israeli high-tech, naming those who are on the path to becoming the next big thing.

“Granulate’s solution is sort of an agent that doesn’t require apps to change their coding or architecture,” he said, adding that it simply optimizes their processes by dividing them into different areas and giving each part a different priority ranking. Optimization technologies are a growing trend, Ezra added.

You can watch the full interview in Hebrew in the video above.


Field: Performance improvement systems

Founded: 2018

Founders: Asaf Ezra and Tal Saiag

Number of employees: 75

Raised: $45 million

Investors: Insight, Dawn Capital, Red Dot Capital Partners, TLV Partners, Hertz Ventures

Rising computing costs are a growing challenge for companies of all sizes and from every industry. Granulate addresses this issue by offering a solution that adapts operating systems in a dedicated manner to the customer's application, by learning its patterns of resource use and the information flow patterns of the application at the operating system level.

Granulate's system analyzes the operating system mechanisms and identifies bottlenecks and prioritization opportunities, executing prioritization and scheduling decisions regarding these mechanisms in real-time and in the best manner for the application needs, thus enabling performance improvements and significant cost reductions. 
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