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“What we are building is the Google Maps for the human immune system”

Speaking at the Unicorn Forum, Noam Solomon, CEO of Immunai, outlined an exciting prospect for the future of human health

James Spiro | 09:43, 16.12.21

“When we started about three years ago, we believed that the power of machine learning and AI can now transform the field of therapeutics and personalized medicine,” explained Noam Solomon, CEO of Immunai. “I think these past two years with Covid-19, we all realized how critical and important the human immune system is to us and by working with over 30 partnerships, hospitals, universities, and biopharma companies, we were able to build the largest database for the human immune system.”

Today, Immunai has a database of tens of millions of immune cells that can help with the development of personalized drug treatments for sick people. The company recently achieved Unicorn status after its $215 million Series B round in October.

“You could figuratively say that what we are building is the Google Maps for the human immune system,” he continued. “We are trying to help our partners go from a state of disease to a state of health. And that’s the vision of Immunai, to try to help us all feel better and become healthier.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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