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How Gong’s platform helps teams with their soft skills

Speaking at the Unicorn Conference, Amit Bendov, Co-Founder and CEO of, explains how its tech can help humans with their interactions

James Spiro | 10:04  19.12.2021

“Most people think they’re going to hate it because it monitors what they do, but actually after a day or two, they say how good it is,” said Amit Bendov, Co-Founder and CEO of Its AI platform monitors conversations with customers over email, video, or voice calls, to provide insights and offer ways that it can be improved. While leadership teams might be eager to implement a platform to track performance, how might it affect the employees’ morale?

“They absolutely love it,” Bendov continued. “The things that Gong helps with are not necessarily how to be funny or have a sense of humor… but things that are simple. The kinds of questions you’re asking, becoming a better listener, letting the other party talk more, understanding the needs of people in a way that is much better.”

According to one example from Bendov, small changes suggested by its algorithms can help companies or establishments increase their sales by 15%.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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