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Mind the Tech London 2022

“Our system knows how to turn available data into a tradable product,” says Bright Data CEO

“Now, even small farmers can gain insight from our actionable data, not only large companies,” added Or Lenchner

Viki Auslender | 14:21  24.03.2022

“Public information on the web that was once only available to large tech companies is now available to everyone through automation, which enables even smaller players to actively compete,” said Or Lenchner, Bright Data CEO during Calcalist’s Mind the Tech London 2022 conference on Wednesday.

“Our system helps companies gather commercial information on the internet. Sites today are individually adapted so people browsing the internet won’t see the same advertisements that a different user sees. Bright Data’s product enables customers to see the interet how they choose,” Lenchner said.

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“The internet is now the largest reservoir of data in the history of humanity, and most of it is public. The amount of data that we upload every year to the internet is huge,” Lenchner continued. “We enable our customers to take that public information and turn it into a tradable product. For example, a farmer can monitor what their customers are doing, and analyze what types of weather conditions could affect their crops by tracking social media networks. Farmers can even see what current consumer sentiment is in regard to their products. Our idea is to make this public database available to everyone, no matter who you are.”

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