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Melio launches mentoring program for women in high tech industry

Melio launches mentoring program for women in high tech industry

The MentorMe program for female developers brings together women for a series of group and personal meetings, discussions, and networking

Yafit Ovadia | 12:55  28.03.2022

The fintech company Melio recently launched its mentoring program for female developers that brings together highly-experienced women with those at the beginning of their careers, to learn and discuss the challenges they face. The program, called MentorMe, includes a series of both group and personal meetings, discussions, and networking opportunities for young professionals.

Some 150 women from a variety of tech firms in Israel signed up to participate as either a mentor or mentee, and fifty women were finally chosen to take part. Senior engineers were each assigned a junior engineer to mentor. In addition to one-on-one meetings with their mentors, each mentee will participate in meet-ups focusing on different topics that can help their professional and personal development as engineers. Each meet-up features an influential woman from the industry who will share their experience and knowledge, including Karin Moscovici, former VP of R&D at Riskified; Yael Karov, an entrepreneur and director of engineering at Google AI; and Inbal Orpaz, a journalist and founder of the #WomaninTech initiative.

Women attending last week Women attending last week's mentoring event Women attending last week

The program, which is hosted in Melio’s offices, was created by Melio for female programmers to help women at the beginning of their careers and make it easier for them to achieve positions in tech management.

“We begin by sampling the gender balance, and by examining which minorities are under-represented in the industry. Our sampling also includes a comprehensive examination of wage disparities, promotions, and participation in training programs. We also make decisions, like to recruit women in advanced stages of pregnancy with the understanding that they will go on maternity leave soon, as we are interested in their skills in the long term,” said Smadar Weizman, Melio’s VP of People.

Melio helps small businesses with its easy-to-use online payment solution, and allows them to transfer and receive payments quickly, improve their cash flow, gain more control over their finances, and optimize their company’s financial health. Melio was founded by CEO Matan Bar, CTO Ilan Atias, and Ziv Paz in 2018, with headquarters in New York, Tel Aviv, and Colorado. The company has raised $506 million to date.

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