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“We always talk about companies and technologies - but it is really a people business”

Liad Agmon, Managing Director at Insight Partners, describes the journey transitioning from entrepreneur to investor

James Spiro | 14:40  27.04.2022

“Being an entrepreneur, on one hand, I see everything with very optimistic eyes,” explained Liad Agmon, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “You come to me with a pitch for an idea and I can immediately imagine how it can become a world-changing company. On the other hand, I also recognize how difficult it is to go from an idea or an early-stage company to a growth-stage company. So it comes with both sides of the brain, the part that gets super excited but also the part that recognizes the years of challenges and hard work.”

After being an entrepreneur and angel investor for 20 years, which included co-founding Dynamic Yield in 2011 and selling it to McDonald's for an estimated $300 million in 2019, Agmon joined Insight Partners last year after an invitation from its Co-founder and Managing Director Jeff Horing. Describing the opportunity as a “no-brainer”, he shared with CTech what he is looking for when searching for new investment opportunities.

“I think we always talk about companies and technologies - but it is really a people business,” he continued. “What gets me excited is a very high IQ and being nice. If you are a smart entrepreneur, if you are a nice person, you are ambitious, and you are going after an ambitious goal, I am getting excited.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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