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At-Bay outlines some Best Practices to avoid a cyberattack

Ayelet Kutner, CTO and GM Israel at At-Bay, shared some of the ways SMBs can keep up to date on how to keep themselves safe

James Spiro | 08:09  03.05.2022

“I think we have a very unique perspective of what is going on in SMBs and, in general, in businesses that are not purely the natural target audience of many cyber companies,” explained Ayelet Kutner, CTO and GM Israel at At-Bay, a cyber insurance company for U.S-based enterprises. “What we see is that something like around 20% of attacks are related to vulnerable software being exposed on the public internet.”

Some of the ways that companies can remain secure online are to follow some of the Best Practices guidelines often posted by companies like At-Bay and cloud companies. Kutner predicts that around half of the cyber incidents related to email would be preventable if users would tweak their default settings. “Follow Best Practices, stay up-to-date with what you know. For example, Google always introduces more features to their Gmail which are not necessarily on by default,” she said.

You can learn more about staying safe in the video above.

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