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“Licensing practices are tilting the market in favor of certain providers against others”

Francisco Mingorance, Executive General at CISPE, explains how cloud monopolies are affecting licensing agreements online

James Spiro | 09:08  07.05.2022

“I came to the conference to tell the story of what is happening on the cloud with big software monopoly providers, how they are licensing their software on the cloud, and how this is affecting projects in Europe like Nimbus in Israel and many other national initiatives in Europe,” explained Francisco Mingorance, Executive General at CISPE. “And how the licensing practices on productivity, software, and other types of software are tilting the market in favor of certain providers against others.”

According to Mingorance, the last three years have seen malpractice by some of the biggest cloud providers who are setting the stage for how everyone else operates on their systems. Companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP have changed their licensing terms for their software, making it hard for some to operate freely on their service.

Following the publication of a study highlighting this, a court case is expected. “We want a commitment from these companies mentioned to license their software on fair terms and in a manner that can be audited by a third party so there is no ambiguity,” he said.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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