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“Therapists rarely collect data - what happens in treatment is private and sacred but also a black box”

Dr. Shiri Sadeh Sharvit and Alon Rabinovich, Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder and CTO at Eleos Health, joined CTech to discuss their analytics platform for therapists

James Spiro | 08:34  08.05.2022

“Data is supposed to be complementary to the human touch,” explained Alon Rabinovich, Co-Founder and CTO at Eleos Health. “Clinicians need tools to support their day-to-day and their workflows, just like radiologists need CT scans and X-Rays. Today, billions of dollars are being poured into behavioral health treatments, but insurance companies, providers, and patients are having a difficult time quantifying the effectiveness and return on investments of those billions of dollars. For the first time, they have visibility into the effectiveness of the treatments.”

Eleos Health recently secured $28 million in funding to help develop its advanced analytics platform for therapists, and today 70% of telehealth usage is dedicated to behavioral health. Rabinovich was joined by Dr. Shiri Sadeh Sharvit, its Chief Clinical Officer, who added: “Therapists rarely collect data - what happens in the treatment is private and sacred but also a black box. Rarely do we collect any objective measures of how the client is feeling or whether this treatment helps them reach their goals, or at least get closer to their goals. This is something we strive to change.”

You can see the entire exchange in the video above.

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