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AnonymityBot is tackling self-censorship in the workplace

Sagi Kedmi, Founder and CEO at AnonymityBot, discusses the importance of free speech in the workplace at Calcalist’s WorkTech 2022 conference

James Spiro | 10:03  19.05.2022

“The problem is that too many ideas in organizations aren't being shared,” explained Sagi Kedmi, Founder and CEO at AnonymityBot. “We have groupthink and we have yes-sayers and C-Levels and Managers who lack getting the truth from their employees.”

Speaking at WorkTech 2022, Kedmi described how AnonymityBot can help alleviate some of the problems caused by employees feeling too uncomfortable to share their thoughts at the office. According to a survey conducted by Cato, 62% of Americans find themselves at least partly self-censoring while in the workplace. With AnonymityBot, the idea is that AI can be used to expand expression and for companies to understand their employees better. Integrated into the company’s Teams or Slack channels, employees are encouraged to write their thoughts regarding products, manager decisions, or internal conflicts.

“I think with AI, we can break that taboo and capture the upside of anonymity within organizations and people… have a route out of the groupthink and they can be more valuable to the company. The idea is that you have human capital inside the organization, and can amplify it if you allow people to speak what they truly think and people won't say what they truly think if they are not anonymous. This is what we gleaned from the almost 2,000 companies that are using the product daily,” he said.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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