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The challenge of acquiring a company's team in an era of remote and hybrid work

At WorkTech2022, SQream’s Chief of Staff & Corporate Innovation Saray Ben-Meir discussed updates at the company

James Spiro | 14:31  22.05.2022

When SQream acquired Panoply in 2021, it had a unique challenge on its hands. Despite encouraging a hybrid model of work among its team of 140, it was just about to integrate a team of 30 new people that were used to working exclusively from home.

“We had to have them come into the office after they worked two years from home, which is not easy,” explained SQream’s Chief of Staff & Corporate Innovation, Saray Ben-Meir. “We see an amazing collaboration from the team, it is not taken for granted that all the team stayed with us and are very open to being part of a different company with a vision that was a bit different from the original vision that their company had.”

SQream has developed a big data platform that can analyze large sets of data, helping companies glean insights from the information they collect on their customers. With its acquisition of no-code cloud data platform Panoply, SQream will expand its cloud offering.

Ben-Meir also expressed excitement about the fact that the acquisition was a ‘Blue and White’ deal, meaning it was made up exclusively of Israeli companies. “The fact they're Israeli also gives us a lot of satisfaction that we as an Israeli startup acquired another Israeli startup,” she continued. “We are looking forward to what is coming. Great things are coming from that collaboration.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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