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5 reasons why now is the time to join the company on the rise

5 reasons why now is the time to join the company on the rise

By Boris Danilovich, Director of Engineering, CrowdStrike Israel

Sponsored Content | 13:52, 21.06.22

At CrowdStrike, we have a little inside joke: Many people have never heard of our company - and that’s a good thing! As a market leader in cloud-native cybersecurity, that means we’re doing our job. In our company’s nearly 12-year history, we’ve never had a disclosable breach - which means the only headlines we’ve been making are for our record-setting IPO, our two latest patent approvals or being named to FORTUNE’s best places to work list.

Boris Danilovich, Director of Engineering Boris Danilovich, Director of Engineering Boris Danilovich, Director of Engineering

The truth is, our company doesn’t really mind keeping a low profile - except when it comes to attracting talent. With the recent opening of our new R&D center in Tel Aviv, we want to make sure people in Israel know our name - and we get to know theirs too. In this post, I’m going to break down just a few reasons why I think CrowdStrike is the best place to work for engineers, data scientists and technologists of all kinds.

1. We are a company on the rise.

CrowdStrike is an undisputed market leader in cybersecurity. But just because we’re at the forefront of the industry doesn’t mean that we’re taking it easy. While many companies in our position may plateau or go into maintenance mode, we’re working hard every day to make sure we keep our leadership position – and maintain the sizeable lead we have.

What makes CrowdStrike, as a company and as a technology platform, more exciting than others in this field is that we’re still very much on the rise. One of CrowdStrike’s core values is our “relentless focus on innovation.” Our platform is designed to evolve to keep pace with changing technology and stay ahead of adversaries. Put simply, there's so much more our platform can do, so many more insights our data can unlock, so much more value we can provide to customers. We have new products in the works today that are going to disrupt the industry… the very industry that we built from the ground up!

Our team in Israel will play a central role in the future of CrowdStrike as we create a new line of business around identity protection. Right now, we are building on the unique position that CrowdStrike has in cybersecurity and strengthening the data identity capabilities to support the entire customer base. We are also building the solution in a way that will bring in additional value in the future by combining the different products within the Falcon and bringing together identity and endpoint data in the cloud in ways that weren’t possible before. That makes it a really exciting time to join CrowdStrike - and the CrowdStrike Israel team, in particular.

CrowdStrike Team                              CrowdStrike Team CrowdStrike Team

2. We have the best tech… and it just keeps getting better.

As one of the engineering leaders at CrowdStrike, let me tell you: There is nowhere in the world that you will get exposed to better, more advanced technology than you will at CrowdStrike. Our engineers and technologists are given unprecedented opportunity and reach to work with nascent technologies, data at scale and distributed systems. Our roles are fluid, allowing our engineers and technologists to solve our customers’ problems from end to end, as opposed to focusing on a single piece of the process.

What’s more is that the leadership of this company understands the absolute necessity of having the best tech. We invest in our people and the tools that they use so that our company can keep producing the ground-breaking products and services that keep our customers safe.

3. The opportunity to work at an unprecedented scale.

Having joined CrowdStrike as part of an acquisition, I can say that this company has introduced me to scale at a level that I never imagined. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform processes over one trillion events a day with a petabyte of RAM deployed in our Cassandra clusters per week—that’s a level of data that can’t be touched by virtually any other company or organization in the world.

4. Our culture of autonomy, innovation and trust.

If you read through any of the employee interviews on our website, you will see a common theme run through almost all of them: our culture of autonomy.

People here are empowered to approach their work and solve problems as they see fit. There are no task masters, no order takers. We’re all challenged to live up to the core value of relentless innovation.

That’s especially important because CrowdStrike is also a remote-first company. There’s a Tel Aviv office and a community here, but people also have the freedom to work where and when it suits them. As a true remote-first organization, our infrastructure, systems and processes are all designed to support asynchronous work on a distributed scale.

CrowdStrike Israel CrowdStrike Israel CrowdStrike Israel

5. The mission that matters.

At CrowdStrike our company focus is singular: to stop breaches. It’s a mission that our employees should feel good about because every day, we’re working to protect companies – to protect people – from very bad things.

Our job is to uphold the fabric of modern society. To stop breaches. To stop ransomware. To keep the lights on. To keep critical infrastructure operating. For people who want to have an impact on the world, it won’t get better than this.

Answering the call: Join the company on the rise

We are growing and people who don’t know us yet, will know us very soon. We’ll be a leading employer in Israel, holding court with the current Israeli tech heavyweights and employing hundreds of engineers.

And that’s why I think now is the time to join. Because we are still in the process of building our team and designing the future of our business… And being part of that process is perhaps the most exciting opportunity of all.

For more details about Crowdstrike in Israel, click here>>

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