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“Israel is a major source of innovation,” says Huminn, as it aims to solve humanity’s challenges

Eli Mor, President & Head of International at Huminn, joined CTech to discuss its relationship with Startup Nation

James Spiro | 16:06, 12.07.22

“Israel is a major source of innovation. There are a lot of reasons, like what we see in Startup Nation,” said Eli Mor, President & Head of International at Huminn. Mor Joined CTech to discuss the company and why it has chosen Israel as a location it believes can help solve global challenges.

“I think the major issue is that we have talent here, we have great academic institutions and we have multidisciplinary thinking,” he continued. “And it is because of all the requirements of the defense and the army… Israel is also known as an early adopter country. We are never shy to try things here and try to find out-of-the-box solutions. This is why we decided that Israel should be our major focus on sustainable food production and sustainable health.”

Huminn has been active in Israel for five years and started its activity here by signing a master agreement with the Minister of Agriculture and the Volcani Institution, which contributes roughly 75% of all the agriculture R&D in Israel. As a company that aims to “impact the world in the most important places - food security and health,” Israel seemed like a no-brainer for the company.

You can learn more about Huminn’s local projects in the video above.

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