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Israeli communication style “is a bit difficult to address for the Japanese community”

Kazu Kimura, Manager of the Japanese Practice at KPMG Israel, spoke to CTech about some of the cultural challenges between the two countries

James Spiro | 15:34  20.07.2022

“Japan is good at making things more perfect, more organized, and structured. But here, the startup speed is way faster even compared to the Japanese startups,” explained Kazu Kimura, Manager of the Japanese Practice at KPMG Israel. Joining CTech as part of Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event, Kimura discussed some of the work the two countries do together and some of the challenges that might exist there.

“The culture barrier exists,” he added. “Even the communication style, for example. Japan tends to use email a lot for basic communication. Whereas here people are always on WhatsApp and calling… But that communication style is a bit difficult to address for the Japanese community.”

According to Kimura, who moved to Israel from Japan over a year ago, he helps bridge that gap. “I speak our mother tongue in Japanese, \[explain\] what’s going on with the projects. Sometimes there isn't just the language but the culture barrier exists.”

Japan and Israel might not appear to be natural partners on paper, but the contrast in their communication and work style has proved advantageous for both parties: Israel benefits from a long-term and patient strategy, and Japan can see first-hand new technologies and innovations.

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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