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“The diversity in the teams, mentors and programs is one of Unistream’s biggest successes”

In an interview with CTech at the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ event hosted by Unistream, Michal Geva, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Triventures, shared her insights about integrating youth into the tech ecosystem

Noa Gadot | 12:01  25.07.2022

Coming from the periphery herself, Michal Geva understands the need for an ecosystem for the youth. In an interview with CTech at Unistream’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ event last Wednesday Geva shared her tips for success: “Being part of a community, not only of investors, but other mentors, people that have done it several times, you get to understand the dynamic and get connections. More than anything I learned from the ecosystem.”

When asked what Unistream is doing well, Geva replied: “First of all, look around, look at how many people are here. Unistream has been around for a long time, so they have a lot of people that have gone through the program and became alumni and people have been escorting the program for many years. Also, one of the nice things that I like seeing here is that it’s not only about high-tech and the ecosystem of high-tech but it involves people from many other disciplines in the Israeli market and so eventually, it’s not a cookie cutter model. The diversity in the teams, mentors and programs that Unistream has is one of their biggest successes.”

Unistream trains thousands of youth from the periphery from all sectors, and offers them a real and worthwhile opportunity to succeed in life, develop a meaningful career and integrate into the business world in the future. Together with a huge business community numbering 4,700 senior business executives, Unistream trainees establish start-up companies while still in high school, and turn an idea into a groundbreaking venture with the aim of making a difference in the world.

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You can watch the full interview in the video above.

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