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Mind the Tech NY 2022

“We know how to work together and we built a very good platform”

Meet Ofer Smadari, CEO & Co-founder of Torq, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital

CTech | 15:09  14.09.2022

Name: Torq

Sector: Cybersecurity

Founded: 2020

Founders: Ofer Smadari, Leonid Belkind, Eldad Livni.

Employees: 120

Investment: $78M

“The founding team, we are second-timers who have built a company before,” explained Ofer Smadari, CEO and Co-founder of Torq. “A company called Luminate Security, we sold it after two years for more than $200 million. We know how to work together and we built a very good platform. This is why it is being adopted by lots of customers today.”

Torq provides an intuitive and easy tool for creating automations, which includes unlimited integrations and built-in templates, and allows security teams to build complex cyber solutions with a simple visual interface within a matter of minutes.

Torq has been selected as one of "Tomorrow's Growth Companies" according to Qumra Capital. This year, for the fourth year in a row, Qumra published its list of the most promising growth companies in Israeli high-tech, naming those who are on the path to becoming the next big thing.

“We are expanding fast, we just started selling the product eight months ago and we succeeded with 50 customers already,” he confirmed.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

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