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“I am super bullish for the long term”

Judah Taub, Managing Partner at Hetz Ventures, spoke to CTech at Mind the Tech NY about the changes in the market during the current crisis

CTech | 10:06  18.09.2022

“One of the things I think is interesting is the reverse of two trends that as long as I have been around have been going one way and they have now flipped and they are going the other way. Trend number one is the KPI’s for raising your next round have been going down and at the same time, the round sizes, the amount of money you were receiving when you hit that KPI, was going up. And so now, we are seeing the reverse of those,'' Judah Taub, Managing Partner at Hetz Ventures, explained regarding the effect the recession has had on the high-tech industry. Taub was speaking to CTech during the Mind the Tech NY Conference.

When asked what he believes will happen within the next three to five years, Taub replied: “I am super bullish, I think certain startups are really going to struggle while, for others, this will be a small blip. The reason I am bullish is that in the long term, issues such as wages going up and regulation coming in, make it so that people are looking for solutions. When there are enormous pressures like these you need and crave technology more than ever before.

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“Hetz is an early stage, $300 million fund focusing on leading Seed deals in Israel. Specifically, we focus on software businesses we think are going to be capital efficient with broad TAM’s (total addressable markets). Our team is quite technical and we are very energetic so we typically try to come with a thematic, top down approach.”

You can watch the full discussion in the video above.

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