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Full list of Israeli high-tech funding rounds in 2023

Full list of Israeli high-tech funding rounds in 2023

The financial crisis is taking its toll on Israeli high-tech, but numerous startups are still managing to raise funding for their innovative ventures

CTech | 21:49  23.03.2023

Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv.


Backslash Security secures $8 million to equip AppSec teams with control over cloud-native applications

Backed by the likes of Shlomo Kramer, Backslash provides unified code and cloud-native security by correlating cloud context to code risk raises $11 million in Seed funding to build a professional network for developers

The company has built a platform where hundreds of thousands of developers actively interact and collaborate founders. founders. founders.


TripleW raises $16.5 million Series B to produce lactic acid and bioplastic from food waste

The Israeli startup’s lactic acid and PLA bioplastic is made from 100% food waste, which is fermented using microorganisms that produce the lactic acid product, then separated via several purification steps

StructShare secures $8 million to digitize the construction supply ecosystem

The Israeli startup aims to solve chronic inefficiencies across the supply chain using digital tools and data analysis

Israeli startup raises $11 million to use generative AI to help developers test their code

CodiumAI has developed an AI model, dubbed TestGPT, that interactively assists developers in testing their code


eToro value plummets, raises $250 million at $3.5 valuation

The fintech company planned to go public through a SPAC merger at a valuation of $10.3 billion, but the deal was ultimately canceled due to a protracted prospectus and regulatory process, and worsening market conditions

Codium co-founders. Codium co-founders. Codium co-founders.


Fairmatic raises $46 million for AI-powered commercial auto insurance platform

The Israeli-founded startup, which has developed an AI-driven underwriting approach, has raised a total of $88 million over the past seven month

Flymingo receives funding from Amazon to identify supply chain mistakes

The size of the investment from Amazon’s Industrial Innovation Fund was not revealed, but is estimated to be several million dollars


Protai adds $12 million to Seed round as it aims to build oncology drug discovery pipeline

The Israeli startup, which has built a proteomics AI-based platform that comprehensively maps the course of a disease on the protein level, aims to better predict which patients will respond to a given drug as well as discover novel drug targets that were missed by genomic approaches


Cybersecurity startup Mitiga adds $13 million to Series A for cloud incident response services

The company faces competition from a slew of Israeli counterparts, including Wiz, Laminar, and Sentra

Mitiga team. Mitiga team. Mitiga team.


Insurtech startup Assured Allies raises $42.5 million Series B for aging and retirement platform

Assured Allies’ platform combines machine learning and predictive analytics to offer aging programs proven to reduce the risk of disability, and retirement products that aim to make long-term care insurance accessible and financially sustainable


Click-Ins raises $7.5 million to examine damage caused to vehicles through smartphone images

The Israeli company’s technology allows users to quickly scan the vehicle using their smartphone camera and to create a detailed report about the vehicle's condition


Hexa raises $20.5 million Series A for 3D asset visualization and management platform

The Israeli startup’s tech stack digitizes products like furniture and fashion using existing 2D images and AI, and creates a new 3D model, a digital twin of the physical object

Qwak nets $12 million investment for machine learning platform

The Israeli startup’s ML platform allows data science and ML engineering teams to continuously build, train, and deploy ML models and features to production at scale

Qwak team. Qwak team. Qwak team.


Former Microsoft engineering leaders raise $12 million to help remote employees work together

Gable’s portal allows employees to see where their coworkers are working that day and book a desk alongside them while the company can manage budgets and monitor employee satisfaction


Cloud security startup Wiz hits $10 billion valuation with $300 million Series D

The Israeli startup is the world's largest cybersecurity unicorn and fastest SaaS company to achieve a $10 billion valuation


Chain Reaction raises another $70 million for blockchain and privacy chip

The Israeli startup, which took its total funding to date to $115 million, aims to drive high-performance hardware for blockchain and privacy in data centers and clouds

Chain Reaction co-founders. Chain Reaction co-founders. Chain Reaction co-founders.


Entitle raises $15 million in Seed funding for cloud permissions management platform

The Israeli startup has developed a self-service platform that automates provisioning and establishes access governance across complex, highly dynamic, multi-cloud environments


Crypto security startup Chaos Labs raises $20 million in Seed funding led by Galaxy and PayPal

The Israeli startup provides protocols with custom and automated economic security tooling that verifies a protocol's durability and stability in any market condition


Ledge raises $9 million in Seed for automated payments command center

The Israeli startup’s platform automates the entire payment lifecycle to improve visibility, lower the risk of losses, and reduce operational costs

Descope team. Descope team. Descope team.


Demisto founders at it again, raise $53 million in Seed for new cyber startup Descope

After selling their previous company to Palo Alto Networks for $560 million, the founders of the Israeli startup have developed a platform that enables developers to add authentication, user management, and authorization capabilities to consumer and business applications

Blockchain security platform Ironblocks raises $7 million in Seed

The Israeli startup is developing a smart contract-based security solution that operates on-chain to automate threat detection and enable DeFi protocols, Web3 platforms, market makers, and cross-chain bridges to take action to stop hackers

Oligo Security raises $20 million Series A to secure open-source libraries

The Israeli startup’s technology profiles the legitimate behavior of each library, creating a knowledge base of libraries’ profiles and alerting or blocking whenever a library activity is not as expected

Insurtech startup OpenEyes raises $18 million Series A for commercial auto insurance for fleets

The Israeli startup aims to offer commercial automotive insurance at lower rates by reducing the frequency and severity of traffic accidents

OpenEyes co-founders. OpenEyes co-founders. OpenEyes co-founders.


MDI Health raises $20 million for customized AI medication platform

The Israeli startup’s platform allows clinicians to make informed decisions on prescriptions based on multi-drug interactions, individual medical history, lifestyle, and other key patient-specific factors


Meala FoodTech secures $1.9 million pre-Seed round for functional protein platform

The Israeli startup’s technology enables the development of functional proteins for multiple meat replacements

Wisor co-founders. Wisor co-founders. Wisor co-founders.


Fintech startup Wisor AI raises $8 million in Seed for freight booking software solution

The Israeli startup has developed a software solution tailored specifically to the needs of freight forwarders, automating both the manual process of aggregating pricing data as well as the optimization of shipping routes across the global freight ecosystem


Israeli nuclear fusion startup raises $22 million Series A for clean energy solution

NT-Tao aims to disrupt the global energy sector by engineering a compact and scalable nuclear fusion energy technology with the goal of achieving commercialization this decade

Gem Security gets $11 million in Seed funding for cloud security platform

The Israeli startup offers a platform that leverages existing infrastructure and solutions while offering automated detection, investigation and response capabilities purposely-built for cloud environments

Gem Security team. Gem Security team. Gem Security team.


Addressable raises $7.5 million in Seed to help scale user acquisition for Web3 companies

The company is building a SaaS platform for Web3 marketers to help teams reach audiences in the era of anonymous blockchain accounts

Guardz raises $10 million Seed funding to make cybersecurity accessible to small businesses

The Israeli startup’s solution is purpose-built to provide real-time cybersecurity protection for small companies, many of whom sit in high-risk industries possessing sensitive data

BridgeWise raises $13 million for generative AI-powered equity research platform

The Israeli startup deploys AI algorithms to analyze more than 44,000 public companies worldwide, generating research reports and detailed buy/sell/hold recommendations

Cyber startup founded by Unit 8200 Commander raises $30 million Series A

Sentra, which took its total funding since its founding 18 months ago to $53 million, was co-founded by Asaf Kochan, the former Commander of Unit 8200, Yoav Regev, who headed Unit 8200’s Cyber Department under Kochan, Ron Reiter, and Yair Cohen

Guardz team. Guardz team. Guardz team.


Pigmentum closes $6 million Seed round for its functional milk proteins

“The ability to produce dairy components from plants has the potential to change the dairy industry and positively impact the world as a whole," said Tal Lutzky, Co-Founder of Pigmentum


Fintech platform PayEm raises $20 million in equity funding and $200 million in credit

PayEm’s procurement and spend management platform offers smart procurement solutions, AP automation, expanse reimbursement and smart credit cards


GoodOnes secures $3.5 million in Seed for personal photo assistant powered by machine learning

The startup develops an application that sifts out the bad photos and shows recommendations for the good ones


Evigence raises $18 million to track food freshness

The Israeli startup’s management system combines sensors and data analytics to help food brands, retailers, and foodservice to measure and manage the freshness of food in real time across the supply chain

MyInterview. MyInterview. MyInterview.


Quantum Machines raises $20 million as adoption of solutions grows

The Israeli company announced that its customer base has grown sharply over the past year, reaching more than 280 quantum computing facilities worldwide

myInterview raises $11 million in Series A to help employers attract Gen Z talent

The news comes at the same time the company announces the appointment of Amalia Bercot as co-CEO

CyberArk founder’s new startup nsKnox raises $17 million

The Israeli fintech-security startup enables corporations and banks to prevent fraud and ensure compliance in B2B payments

aiOla raises $25 million to interface natural language to AI solutions in traditional manufacturing

The Israeli startup has developed state-of-the-art voice and image recognition combined with advanced AI models to digitize, automate and streamline inspection processes


Coho AI collects $8.5 million in Seed to help companies leverage their SaaS data

Its platform helps visualize, analyze, prioritize, and act on real-life triggers to help companies leverage the data collected by SaaS products and identify growth opportunities

Coho AI Founders. Coho AI Founders. Coho AI Founders.


Traveltech startup Hotelmize raises $12 million Series B

The Israeli company has developed a sales optimization platform for tourism companies


Teleoperation startup Ottopia nets $14.5 million Series A

The Israeli startup’s teleoperation software can remotely assist, guide, and even safely control fleets of autonomous vehicles and machines

Blue ocean: Financing platform 40Seas raises $11 million Seed round

The Israeli startup, which also received $100 million in credit from ZIM, offers flexible payment options that are aiming to disrupt legacy trade-financing solutions, and extend the accessibility of working capital for SME importers, exporters, freight forwarders and sourcing agencies


LiDAR developer Opsys Tech closes $51.5 million Series C

The Israeli startup has developed a high-performance solid-state scanning LiDAR sensor with no moving parts

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