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"There is no future for high-tech in Israel the day after the judicial legislation is passed"

"There is no future for high-tech in Israel the day after the judicial legislation is passed"

"This is a war for our future," added Erez Shachar of Qumra Capital. Dozens of high-tech companies are expected to strike on Monday and hold protests during the votes in the law committee on the judicial coup

Meir Orbach, Yuval Azoulay, Shahar Ilan | 12:17, 09.02.23

Dozens of high-tech companies are expected to strike on Monday as part of a protest against the government's judicial coup. The strikers intend to go to Jerusalem and protest the government's intention to pass the legal reform in the first reading in the Knesset, which is scheduled for that day.

Venture capital firm TLV Partners set up free buses for employees who want to go to Jerusalem. Erez Shachar, managing partner at Qumra Capital, called on all the high-tech CEOs to allow workers to strike saying: "Dear CEOs, the time has come for action. The government continues to gallop towards speedy legislation to undermine Israel democracy. We, as members of the high-tech industry, who share values of inclusion, transparency, excellence, and freedom, must take a clear position. This is not a political position, it is a values position, and this is also a war on the future of our industry here in Israel. There is no future for the high-tech industry in Israel the day after the legislation, and it is our duty to ourselves, our employees, our shareholders, our families, and our country not to allow this to happen. I call on all of you, CEOs and entrepreneurs of Israeli high-tech companies, to actively join the strike on Monday."

Among the companies that are allowing their employees to strike are: Natural Intelligence, AppsFlyer, Hello Heart, Trigo, Skai, Airwayz Drones, INX, Algosec, Sorbet and dozens of other software and biotech companies. Many companies have announced that they will allow employees to strike, such as Trax and Verbit. The management of Skai wrote in a letter sent yesterday to the company's employees that "at Skai we respect every opinion of every person from every sector and that is why we are so angry and worried about the nature of the changes that are happening in the State of Israel. We are worried about the consequences for society and the company and that is why we allow anyone who wishes to take part in the protest activities to do so at the expense of working days. On Monday, we will shut down the activities of the company in Israel as part of the protest."

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The Histadrut does not intend to cooperate with the calls from the opposition to shut down the economy on Monday in protest of the government's moves to promote the legal revolution. Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David is currently busy with the negotiations with the Director General of the Ministry of Finance Shlomi Heisler for a new wage agreement for public sector employees, which he says will "reward them for the erosion of their wages in recent years in the face of rising interest rates and the rising cost of living."

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