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“Interaction is something really important for our audience. Players got married thanks to Slotomania”

Amnon Calev, Slotomania's General Manager at Playtika, joined CTech to discuss how online gaming shapes our real worlds

James Spiro | 10:08  17.09.2023

Playtika is one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world, and Slotomania is one of the first games that was founded within the company since its founding in 2010. Consistently, the company has been in the top 10 in the United States and today nine of its 10 games are in the top 100 of the gaming industry.

Among rocketing mobile growth, the company pivoted away from gaming within platforms like Facebook and navigated directly to Android and iOS software. Today, players are even moving from online into the real world - with unexpected results.

“The Metaverse still exists, but I think it is more niche than what people used to think because the interaction between people is something really important for our audience,” explained Amnon Calev, Slotomania's General Manager at Playtika during Gaming 2023. “We believe that people want to connect with each other, both from the digital platforms but also they meet each other. Players actually got married, and we have more than one couple who got married thanks to Slotomania,” he continued. “The players want these interactions and they want this face-to-face interaction.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.

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