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The Israeli startup building the OpenAI of gaming

Ilan Graicer, Founder and CEO at, told CTech how his company aims to replace incumbent gaming developers with AI

James Spiro | 10:01  18.09.2023

“I think you should be terrified. What we are doing is replacing everyone inside - everyone in there is out of business, they just don't know it yet,” said llan Graicer, Founder and CEO at, gesturing to a large room full of prominent gamers, developers, and investors. ”The aim of this company is to replace all of them, including me, with AI.” is building a foundation AI model like OpenAI to build games on demand for people. If players want a unique game to experience (“Barbie racing in the street of Ramallah”), it will create a game in a few seconds that can be played anywhere. “There will be no need for artists, voiceovers, anything. Unfortunately, by the way, because I’m one of those,” he added.

The company has recently acquired funding from Remagine Ventures and is roughly six months away from releasing its technology for gamers. You can learn more about the company in the video above.

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