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Leaf, Long-Awaited Home Cannabis Farming Box, to Start Shipping

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Wow Lou, clearly you have no idea the potential for marijuana, especially depending on the strain, in the everyday population. Just in terms of strains that are able to help with ADHD, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, not to mention the myriad of more intense maladies that marijuana has been found to affect in a significant way. Imagine if all those businessman who are destroying their livers with alcoholism, took a hit every night when they get home and have a good state of mind, and relax. I can tell you if you think that marijuana will dumb down the population you clearly are woefully imbecilic when it comes to marijuana. It is literally a weed, it is not a drug, it has potential uses both recreational and medical, but it is not a controlled substance nor should it be. The proliferation of and widespread use of marijuana is much more hinged on defying societal norms and the taboo of it. If its legal and controlled, I guarantee you it can only help the population.
John Oni | 13.02.18
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