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Israeli Rabbi Says Lab-Grown Pork Meat Is Kosher

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part 2/2
continued... Pork is a different issue. But the same. Like the Sabbath is a separated day from rest of the days of the week, the Jewish people are a separated people from the rest of the nations. Using the same language the rudiment animals with a split foot are separated from the rest of the land animals. The separated people are only permitted the separated animals. This puts the Pig into a non-permitted category. And that divide is a hard divide to cross. Pig milk is not kosher, pig hair is not kosher to eat, pig cells would not be kosher. There is a concept that a bone found in the field from a long dead non-kosher animal is more like a stick than a bone… allowing the gelatin to be harvested. But, this is not a widely accepted opinion. Furthermore, gelatin is a non-living chemical the source of which is not identifiable after chemical purification. The harvested cell needs to be alive and distinctly pig. Hence, the “bone as stick” argument would be hard to apply.
Mickey, Jerusalem | 03.04.19
Lots of people who don't know what they're talking about, part 1/2.
Comments 1 & 3 are basically ignorant drivel. Most of the kosher laws involve separation of opposites. Milk is used to give and sustain the life of the newborn animal, meat is the death of the animal - life is not mixed with death. Just as the Sabbath is not mixed with the weekday. Since the lab grown meat was never an actual animal, any more than milk was an actual animal, the combination of lab meat and milk would not be an issue. There is also the question of a limb from a live animal, again because it perversely crosses that life-death divide. But since these seed cells, if shed naturally, are no more of a limb than milk would be a limb. Cells from the ends of feathers or hairs would not fall into the limb category and would not be a problem, but biopsy cells could be a problem.
Mickey, Jerusalem | 03.04.19
Origin of Jewish Laws
The whole purpose behind this law to reduce killing of pigs who were essential to ecological balance. Due to the environment of Middle east where origins of all faith religions founded, survival of pigs mattered to the human existence. Pigs were the main scavengers who ate human excreta and venomous snakes. in desert climate and tribal life styles of using desert sands as public toilets needed Pigs survival. The infelicitous diseases like Tapeworm were common course of failier of early civilizations . If Pork is cultured in safe environments or even farm providing them with safe food make them Kosher.
Andi | 26.04.18
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