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Israel Tests an Incentive-Based Program to Fight Traffic Jams

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reduce traffic
This is another program that is ridiculous and bound to fail. It will cost to much to install the devices and benefit very few. Why does Israel refuse to learn from the successes and failures of other countries. Simply install tolls and readers along the highways and the main arteries. Let driver purchase and charge fast passes. The toll and the fees will be collected and go into the budget without tax. The tolls will be lower based on the time of day and the demand. Rush hour tolls will be high where as mid day tolls will be small. Night time tolls will be even be lower. Holidays and weekends will have no tolls etc. A driver can reduce their costs by simply shifting their hours coming and going from the cities. Simply spreading out traffic over a long period of the day should help ease some of the rush hour traffic problems. There will less administrative costs and bigger benefits to the government without imposing new taxes.
barry norman | 23.04.19
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