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High Profile Spy Companies Are Damaging Israel’s Image

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Sounds more like the Israel of old.
Back in the day, Israel terrified its neighbors and enemies as everyone knew Israel was the "baddest" kid on the block in terms of its military prowess. Since Israel went PC and weak-kneed in the 1990's, with Oslo and everything that followed, that reputation has been lost. Much to Israel's detriment. Now its high tech elites are re-establishing that reputation with their fearless domination of the tech-surveillance field, a field much of the rest of the world wished it dominated. Such a reputation may be upsetting for effete, urban elites but in the real world, this cachet is helpful and emboldening for the average Jew on the street, often the target of hostility and derision just for being Jewish. This Jew knows that behind the scenes, he's part of the baddest team on the block. Liberal urban elites perhaps offended by this development can get lost.
Zeus | 21.11.19
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