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Frontegg appoints John Kreisa to its advisory board


Frontegg appoints John Kreisa to its advisory board

The CMO of Couchbase has more than 30 years of experience in the marketing sector, driving growth at software companies

James Spiro | 13:06, 28.04.21

Enterprise platform for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications Frontegg has appointed John Kreisa to its advisory board, making the software marketing veteran the latest addition to the growing company.

“From my experience leading growth at Docker and Hortonworks, I’ve seen first hand what it takes to create products that are used and loved by early-stage startups and enterprise customers alike,” said Kreisa. “What excites me about Frontegg is that they are enabling developers to easily build self-served and enterprise-ready software from day one, facilitating the creation of the next generation of hugely successful software tools.”

John Kreisa, CMO of Couchbase. Photo: Frontegg John Kreisa, CMO of Couchbase. Photo: Frontegg John Kreisa, CMO of Couchbase. Photo: Frontegg

Kreisa, who is the CMO of Couchbase and former CMO of Docker, has 30 years of experience in driving software companies’ growth. In the past, he has been responsible for building and scaling marketing functions and leading marketing teams with different strategies.

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"We are very fortunate to have such a high level of marketing experience within our advisory board, ready to help strengthen our strategic positioning as we continue to revolutionize the way creative people bring innovation to life," said Sagi Rodin, co-founder and CEO of Frontegg. "Our mission is to enable developers and product teams to build software applications that are architected for growth, by providing self-service capabilities and allowing a bottom-up sales model with just a few lines of code. John’s experience overseeing massive growth at leading enterprise SaaS companies like Docker will be a tremendous asset to Frontegg on this journey.”

Frontegg was founded in 2019 by Rodin and Aviad Mizrachi, who serves as CTO. It provides SaaS companies with enterprise-readiness building blocks and lets them quickly and easily embed advanced user management with their apps. In October 2020, it raised $5 million in a seed investment round.

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