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Israeli startup Anachoic partners with LIME to keep electric scooter riders safe

Israeli startup Anachoic partners with LIME to keep electric scooter riders safe

Anachoic’s HAALO system, based on micro-radar and geared to powered two-wheelers, delivers a real-time threat detection and warning system for riders

CTech | 12:29  11.11.2021
LIME, a leading shared micro-mobility operator, has announced a partnership with Israeli startup Anachoic for the integration of a real-time safety system into the company’s fleet of shared scooters. Anachoic has developed a system named HAALO, which is an Advanced Rider Assistance System (ARAS) designed specifically for powered two-wheelers.

HAALO leverages a proprietary automotive-grade micro-radar for real-time 360◦ rider protection. Through a unique spatial audio interface, HAALO warns riders of potential threats in their blind spots, rear-collision warnings, and pedestrians that cross into their trajectory. In addition, Anachoic’s solution will provide Lime with ride metrics, including the development of rider profiles as well as mapping of danger hot-spots within the latter’s zones of operation. These metrics will ultimately enable more granular speed limitations and control along with safety-first routing and navigation.
Anachoic co-founders. Photo: Anachoic Anachoic co-founders. Photo: Anachoic Anachoic co-founders. Photo: Anachoic

“LIME is definitely one of the more exciting operators in our target space”, said Eric Tammam, Anachoic co-founder and CEO. “As a company founded by riders, for riders, Anachoic is relentlessly committed to fundamentally improving rider safety, be that on a bicycle, scooter, moped, or any other two-wheeled platform. This collaboration is a big step in realizing that vision.”

Yaniv Goder, GM SE Europe LIME, said: “As the leading global micro-mobility operator, the safety and well-being of our riders is a top priority. We believe that safety is instrumental to the success of micro-mobility and that we can only be successful if riders and communities feel safe. As such, we are unrelentingly committed to advancing safety for all users of the public space while constantly looking for new technologies that can help us in this mission. It is in this context that we are particularly excited about Anachoic and its HAALO platform. Radar-based assistance systems are considered state of the art technology that were available to date only in high-end vehicles. This collaboration sets the stage for mass adoption of ARAS within the nascent micro-mobility industry and an exciting opportunity to create a safer riding experience for riders and community alike.”

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LIME was founded in 2017 in San Francisco and is active in more than 200 markets in which it operates electric scooters, electric bicycles and recently launched shared electric scooters in Washington DC, New York, and Paris.
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