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WeWork to Expand Sustainability Team

WeWork to Expand Sustainability Team

The co-working juggernaut has recently made several moves towards lessening its environmental impact, including committing to carbon neutrality by 2025 and taking meat off the company's menu

Lilach Baumer | 10:39  23.08.2018

WeWork is looking for five new people to bolster its sustainability and wellbeing team, according to a LinkedIn post published on Tuesday by Lindsay Baker, the company's global head of sustainability. Baker was appointed to the position in May and has previously worked as a sustainable operations consultant for Google.

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WeWork, founded in 2010, redesigns office properties as trendy co-working spaces. Originally the company catered to startups and small businesses, but has since expanded its services to corporate enterprises. It also launched several new brands, the most prominent of which is WeLive, a co-living venture that offers apartments with shares spaces and services. Today, WeWork has over 250,000 members in over 280 locations worldwide.

WeWork, Herzliya. Photo: WeWork WeWork, Herzliya. Photo: WeWork WeWork, Herzliya. Photo: WeWork

WeWork has stepped up its environmental efforts significantly in 2018. The company committed to becoming fully carbon neutral by 2025, through energy consumption decreasing actions and through buying offsets. In July, the company announced it has become a meat-free organization, stating it will cut down substantially on the company's water use and CO2 emissions. The company also intends to phase out the use of disposable plastics such as cups, straws, and utensils by the end of the year.

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"We are thinking about global and social impacts, what's going on in the world and what are issues we can help tackle?" Baker told CNNMoney in an interview held earlier this month. "It's a very different frame when you start from that angle, rather than saying: what’s our impact on the world, and how do we neutralize that."

According to the Baker’s LinkedIn post, the company is looking to hire a global energy manager who will help reduce WeWork's environmental footprint and the cost of its energy-related portfolio. The role will be “more focused on energy procurement, energy tracking, and creative financing, and less focused on driving specific energy efficiency standards and programs,” according to the LinkedIn job description posted.
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